Location and Talent Scouting
Location Scouting
Numerous members of the staff of MotherShip Entertainment including the owner are lifelong New Orleanians.  Several staff members are licensed real estate agents. We know the city like no one else. As Louisiana develops into a major center for the film industry in the United States, we will provide you with locations that have yet to be exploited.  If your film requires a unique location, look no further than MotherShip Entertainment for the perfect outdoor spot or indoor site to create your vision.

Negotiating advantageous terms and pricing for your location is a critical component to working within your budget. With our extensive local connections, we guarantee the best deals for our clients.

Talent Scouting
We have an abundance of local talent available for lead roles as well as an available stable of responsible individuals eager to perform as extras in film or television. MotherShip Entertainment is your source for great local talent with relationships with key talent agencies and record companies.